Mountain State Log Homes offer our customers choices in what size log, and what species of wood they want to build their homes with.  

We sell White Pine, Cedar, and Hemlock.  Our standard pricing in our packages is priced with the white pine log.

D-Logs are flat on the inside and rounded on the outside.

Dovetail are standard flat/flat log with a bevel on the exterior for optional chink paint. 

Our dovetail is UNIQUE!  We designed an interlocking corner system you will not find anywhere else!

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The Virginian

The Virginian
40'x 28'
1,816 sq ft

Wide open living space in a versatile floor plan makes this model a practical and tasteful choice for any size family.

The Virginian boasts three large bedrooms and a loft, upstairs and downstairs bathrooms, a handy utility room plus plenty of storage space. A natural wood cathedral ceiling adds openness and beauty. Outdoor fun and relaxation await just outside your door with a spacious front porch.

Dry-In Kit estimate 6" x 8" D-Log $64,000
8" x 8" D-Log $67,525
6" x 12" Dovetail $65,408

All prices are for materials only. Prices are subject to sales tax where applicable. Prices are subject to change without notice.